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For your convenience, you can apply electronically to list your property. Simply fill out the following form, and press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form. Or, if you would rather mail us the application, simply print out this page, fill it out, and mail to:
U.S. Resort and Cottage Registry
515 E. Carefree Highway #76
Phoenix, AZ 85085.


Read our legal notice (after reading, press the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page).

Within 15 days after your listing is published to the web, mail a check for the appropriate amount to U.S. Resort and Cottage Registry, at the above address. There is a $5 additional invoice charge for listings not paid requiring invoicing.

To include pictures of your property with the listing, mail us the photograph(s) with your check. You can include 2 photographs free of charge; see below for listing cost of more photographs.

If you do not have photographs available now, you can send them to us later (there is no additional charge to add them later).

Instead of photographs, you can send JPEG file attachments via e-mail (mail@lodging.org).

We can copy pictures from your web site, although typically the pictures cannot be enlarged, due to lack of resolution. Please specify which pictures to copy, unless you want us to select them.

We regret that we cannot return photographs.

NOTE: Do not press the ENTER key in the single line text boxes since this may submit the entire form before it is completed (press the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page). The mouse cursor or the TAB key may be used to advance to the next text box.

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Step 1 Determine Cost Based on Number of Pictures

The following pricing is effective for listing publication dates between July 1, 2014 and September 30, 2014. If you print out this form and send it in at a later date, be sure to check our current pricing before mailing.

The cost below covers your listing through Dec 31, 2014.

Select the number of pictures with listing:

0 pictures for $55 (You may always add up to 2 pictures for free at any time).
1 or 2 pictures for $55
3 pictures for $60
4 pictures for $65
5 pictures for $70
6 or more pictures
(Each additional picture over 5 is $5 apiece).

Step 2 Owner or Manager Information

Please give us information about you, the owner or manager. This information is for our personal records and is used to contact you about your listing and for annual renewal invoicing. We consider it private and confidential, and we will not give it to others unless you repeat it in a later section of this application.

Owner Name:     
Street Address: 
Zip Code:       

The following information may be entered into our database and included with your listing. You do not have to answer all questions, but you are encouraged to do so. Missing data may mean that a searcher won't find your property if he or she has specific criteria that you have not answered.

Step 3 General Property Information

Note that your listing web page address will be formed from the Property Name, City and State. Please choose your Property Name and City carefully since it is best if they never change to allow search engines to find your page. A nearby city, lake or mountain may be entered if you think it will draw more vacationers. Please check your state map page for possible existing nearby cities (click here to see the U.S. map where you may then click on your state - return to this form using the Back button of your browser). A 2nd city may be added for an additional $10 (each annual renewal will also be $10 more). 

Property Name:            
Street Address:           
Actual City location:     
City   (for state map):   
City #2(for state map):    = $10 additional
Zip Code:                 
County (not country):     
Reservation phone:        

Step 4 Do You Have Another Web Site?

This step is only for those that have their property on another web site (many of the properties do, but they register with us for the massive vacationer traffic we bring).

Web site (if any): 

Please note that we cannot link to sites that contain or link to other properties, or to sites that do not contain significant additional information. This policy maximizes exposure of our registered properties. If you're not certain if your other site meets or requirements, and linking is essential for your listing with us, please e-mail us at mail@lodging.org. Otherwise, we will examine your other site and automatically include the link if it fits our criteria.

Step 5 Rental Season and Rates

Describe your rental season and rates (i.e., what months do you rent, the range of daily and weekly rates, etc.).


Step 6 Accommodation Details

Please tell us about your property: both the individual units, and the entire property.

Property Type(s)

  Cottage  Cabin    House    Condominium  
  Hotel    Motel    Resort   Lodge        B&B
  Ranch    RV park  Other:   


  Number of Units:             
  Maximum people per unit:     
  Number of bedrooms per unit: 
  Number of bathrooms per unit:

Individual Unit Amenities

  Kitchens    Coffee maker  Microwave    Pots&Pans
  Dishes      Dishwasher    Linens       Towels
  Phone       TV            Cable TV     Satellite TV
  VCR         DVD player    CD player    Radio
  Video Games High speed internet          Balcony
  Whirlpool   Deck                         Screened Porch    
  Heat        Air conditioning             Private Bathroom
  Fireplace   Washer/Dryer                 Handicap accessible

Property Amenities (On location - not nearby)

  Sand beach  Other beach  Pier/dock    Swimming pool
  Whirlpool   Sauna        Playground   Golf course  
  Tennis      Volleyball   Basketball   Horseshoes
  BBQ grills  Fire pit     Picnic table Restaurant
  Bar         Store        Laundry facilities      

Smoking and pets policies

Please tell us your policies on smoking and pets. If you leave the next 2 boxes blank, we'll assume that you do not allow them.

  Smoking policy: 
  Pets policy:    

Handicap accessibility

  Accessible   Partially accessible   Not accessible

Additional details

If you would like to give us even more details, please do so in the following box. Or, if you would like to suggest specific wording for the Accommodation Details section of your listing, you can also write them in the following box.

  Optional additional information:

Step 7 Surroundings


  Remote,very quiet  Secluded,quiet  Not secluded


  Wooded          Mountain         Desert


  Oceanfront      Lakefront        Riverfront
  Ocean access    Lake access      River access


  Boat provided   Boat rental      Boat launch
  Motor provided  Motor rental     Canoeing
  Whitewater rafting

Water recreation

  Swimming        Fishing          Trophy Fishing
  Water skiing    Snorkeling       Scuba diving

Nearby recreation

  Golf            Tennis           Hiking
  Bicycling       Horseback riding Snowmobiling
  Downhill skiing X-C skiing       Hunting

Additional surroundings details

If you would like to give us even more details about your surroundings, please do so in the following box. Or, if you would like to suggest specific wording for the Surroundings section of your listing, you can also write them in the following box.

  Optional additional surroundings information:

Step 8 Lake Information (if lakeside or lake access only)

Name and Size

  Size (Acreage):   
  Max Depth (feet): 

Boat Motors

  Are boat motors allowed?  Yes  No
  Motor size or boat speed limit? 


  If fishing, list fish types
    Guide service available

Step 9 Additional Property Description

Is there anything else you would like vacationers to know about your property?

  Please provide additional descriptions

Step 10 City Description (Optional)

If you would like to provide information about the city or area your property is in, please fill out the following box. City information often helps to promote a property. You can also mail us city photographs for possible inclusion with the city description.

  City Information

Step 11 Will you send us a brochure?

Click here if you will send us a brochure from which you would like us to get written information (we will probably not write your listing until we receive the brochure).

Step 12 - Special instructions about pictures

If you have information or special instructions about pictures, please let us know here (i.e., will send pictures via e-mail soon, copy pictures A, B and C from our web site, etc.).



Please review the information you provided above and if OK, click once on the SUBMIT button below. If successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation page. (If not successful, use the Back button of your browser to return to this form and click on the SUBMIT button again. If this fails, please print out the form with the entered information and mail via regular mail). We look forward to serving you! 


2014 U.S. Resort and Cottage Registry, LLC.  All rights reserved. Please read our legal notice.